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Exhibition of prints and paintings by Ian Scott Massie

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Exhibition of prints and paintings by

Ian Scott Massie

8th April - 1st May 2017 at CCA


Next up at cambridge contemporary art is an exhibition of screenprints and watercolours by Ian Scott Massie. Ian has gone on a series of artistic pilgrimages, visiting over 75 places around Britain: sacred sites, locations where great events have happened, settings which inspired music and poetry and special places of all kinds to which people are drawn. The aim of his project was to capture the spirit of each place in his artwork.

On Sunday 9th AprilIan Scott Massie will be in the gallery from 12-2pm for a 'meet and greet' chatting about his paintings and prints. Pop into the gallery at 6 Trinity Street anytime between 12-2pm, the event is free! See our facebook event for more information.

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