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'A Fine Line' - Closing Event

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A Fine Line exhibition has come to an end. It was a pleasure to work in cooperation with Katharina Klug and curate a show with emphasis on the contemporary ceramics. To mark the end of the exhibition, we hosted the last 'meet and greet' this past Sunday. Jane Cairns, Rhian Malin, Tracey Ashman and Sue Jones were in the gallery to chat about their work and meet their Cambridge fans. 

Later in the day Rhian Malin gave a demonstration of her working practice. We finally found out how she hand-paints her beautiful withe and navy pieces. It was such a treat to have her in the gallery!

Thank you for the continuous support of our independent art gallery. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the most exciting exhibitions throughout the year and we hope that you join us for the next events!

We would like to kindly invite you to the exhibition of prints and paintings by Ian Scott Massie

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Photos by Zuza Grubecka.