cambridge contemporary art

20th January - 25th February 2018

Mixed exhibition

3rd - 25th March 2018

Emma GreenIona Howard and Jane Crisp

30th March to 22nd April 2018

Shazia Mahmood and Anthony Theakston

28th April to 20th May 2018

Paine Proffitt and Helen Martino

26th May to 17th June 2018

Ruth Beloe, Anne-Marie Butlin, Helen Millar

23rd June - 2nd September 2018

Summer Show. Mixed exhibition featuring Sarah Morgan and Lesley Seeger

8th to 30th September 2018

Gail Brodholt and John Duffin

6th to 28th October 2018

Tiffany Scull, Gael Sellwood and Margaret Gardiner