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May and June Show

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Anne-Marie ButlinRuth Beloe and Helen Millar

exhibition at cambridge contemporary art 

26th May to 17th June 2018

Anne-Marie Butlin conveys the character of different flowers: the unique feeling they can create in a space, the strong structures and often the sheer joyfulness of their appearance. The artist aims to capture the sense of calm that flowers can give us - a chance to contemplate and meditate, and remember our connection with the natural world.

Taking inspiration from the work of artists such as Chardin and William Nicholson, Ruth Beloe's  paintings explore the inherent beauty of everyday items and objects from nature. Characteristics of her work include studies of the reflective qualities of surfaces, the use of directed light to form appealing shadows and the play of refracted light.

14 Tea Cup Floral 1.jpg
Helen Millar has always been inspired by natural elements combined with her collection of British Ceramic Ware from the 1930's. She paints from life and particularly enjoys the clarity and freshness that watercolour paint can produce. Her textile design background has greatly influenced the way she work continuing her fascination with organic pattern, colour and the discipline of observational drawing.


On Saturday 26th May from 11am to 1pm, painters Ruth Beloe, Helen Millar and Anne-Marie Butlin will be in the gallery to open the new show and talk about their practice.

This is a great opportunity to meet the artists in an informal environment.

This is a free, drop-in event!

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