cambridge contemporary art

Sarah Hillman

Internationally acclaimed ceramicist Sarah Hillman creates stunning ceramic forms that combine bold contemporary colour and striking sculptural design. Pure white clay forms are individually hand cut with sweeping curves revealing a vibrant interior.

The uniquely hand mixed interior colour is specifically designed as a non reflective surface, creating a bold contrast to the natural clay exterior. By absorbing light the unglazed interior surface offers stunning shadows within the deep colour of the form.

These innovative forms explore positive and negative space through changing compositions of line, colour and contour. 

Sarah Hillman Ceramics are not designed for functional use; as art forms their function is to stimulate the senses by adding an element of unique contemporary design to any interior setting.

The works illustrated below are intended to give you a taste of what the gallery has to offer, please email us on or call us on 01223 324222 to find out which pieces are currently available. Prices range from £66 - £242.

Pebble Splash



Bespoke Form


Petal Pod