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Jin Eui Kim

Jin Eui Kim is an internationally renowned ceramic artist. Originally from South Korea, he now lives with his family in Cardiff, UK.

Whilst at Cardiff School of Art & Design Jin Eui studied the illusory effects of the application of tonal bands to three-dimensional surfaces. He graduated with a MA and PhD in Ceramics. He was then accepted into Graduate Residence at Fireworks Clay Studios, Cardiff and remains a full time member. He is also a member of Contemporary Applied Art (CAA) and the Craft Potters Association (CPA).

Jin Eui’s work has been exhibited across the world. Industry and artistic recognition of his work has led to several awards, including at the British Ceramics Biennial in 2013, the Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale in Korea, the Homes & Gardens Designer Awards with China & Glass Category, the Contemporary Craft Festival, Art in Action and Art in Clay.

Jin Eui's work explores how the perception of three-dimensional ceramic forms can be manipulated by the application of tonal bands (18 different tones from light as white to dark as black) on their surfaces. Illusory spatial phenomena can appear and thus significantly influence the actual three-dimensional forms through the arrangement of the bands by using gradient in tone, width and interval between bands. The duration of the viewer’s attention, physical position and tone or colour of the background are also crucial influencing factors for the appearance of illusions.

Jin Eui works in-between the concepts of illusion and reality and his work attracts viewers by visual phenomena as well as physical confusions appearing on the surface of the ceramic. Restricting or removing data (information) on the surface increases the chance of the viewer’s perception shifting between illusion and reality. Looking with half closed eyes, in the darker light and with distance, brings the illusion to life.

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