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If you are planning a special event such as a wedding civil partnership, anniversary or big birthday. The galleries gift list is the perfect way to help you purchase a favourite piece of art.

If you are looking for a gift for a celebration, the majority of our artists will also accept commissions so if you have something specific in mind for a painting, pop in, call us or email us and we can liaise with the artist on your behalf to get a piece commissioned for you.

Photo by  Zuza Grubecka

Photo by Zuza Grubecka

       The benefits of choosing cambridge contemporary art for your celebration:

  •  We have exclusivity to the work that we sell so that you won’t be choosing work that is sold anywhere else in the area – making it an unique gift!
  • If you don’t drive we can carefully pack up the works that you choose to be delivered to you (If you live in Cambridge or London the delivery will be free of charge. We will use Royal Mail for all other destinations and will charge the standard delivery cost). 
  • If someone chooses a piece of artwork for you that isn’t quite your ‘cup of tea’ you can change it for something else of your choice. No receipt is needed as long as they mentioned your name at the time of buying it, we will have kept the details of the sale.
  • Everything at the galleries is made by hand by an artist living in the UK – by choosing the gallery for your gift list you are supporting an artist making a living from their artwork, as well as an independent locally owned business.

How to set up a gift list

  1. Register your interest. Pop into the gallery (6 Trinity Street, Cambridge), give us a call or send us an email
  2. Tell your guests. You can tell your guests as soon as you want about your gift list at the gallery. We can provide you with inserts to put in your invitations or, if you prefer, you can simply put the gallery name and website on your invitations and your guests can contact us.
  3. Choose artwork that you would love to own. 8 to 6 weeks before your event visit our two galleries (cambridge contemporary art and cambridge contemporary crafts) and choose items for your gift list. If you’re not able to come into the galleries, choose work on our websites and give us a ring.
  4. We will create a personalised webpage with your choices. This will go live 6 weeks before your event. Your guests will need to enter the password into the page to view the artwork.
  5. Guests. Your guests can view the gift list online, fill out the form on the page and then we will contact them about purchasing the item. We can then either post the item to the guest to bring to the wedding, or organise for it to be posted to you at an arranged date after your wedding day.
  6. Making changes. You can add artwork to the list at anytime, even after your Gift List has opened, just let us know.
  7. Delivery. We'll pack all your gifts and deliver them at a time to suit you. If you live in Cambridge or London the delivery will be free of charge. We will use Royal Mail for all other destinations and will charge the standard delivery cost. Alternatively you or a friend are welcome to pop by and collect your artwork from the gallery. 
  8. Thank you. We keep track of everything that's bought, making those all-important thank you notes easy.