cambridge contemporary art

Elizabeth Renton

In 2014, Elizabeth set up her own studio in West London where she makes wheel thrown Ceramic Tableware.

Elizabeth was born and brought up in South Yorkshire where she went to School and University. Initially, Elizabeth trained as an Art Teacher, teaching Art and Design in London Secondary schools for several years. She decided to learn to throw on the wheel and it was there that her journey into Ceramics began. Using Stoneware and Porcelain, Elizabeth merges traditional and modern techniques on the wheel with hand-building skills.

Her Tableware is hand-formed and decorated subtlety with scratched lines, dots and grooves. These are filled with Slips and Oxides. Elizabeth uses an electric kiln. It is a labour intensive process, which concentrates awareness on the fine detail, making each piece unique.

Speaking about her work, Elizabeth says: “Yorkshire’s natural beauty and industrial landscapes have deeply influenced my thinking and making. Cooling Towers , Mines and industrial Steel structures have always fascinated me. I have trained with the renowned Studio Potter Nicola Tassie and have taken Master classes with Takeshi Yasuda , Mathew Blakey and Louisa Taylor.

“I was part time Studio Assistant for the Ceramicist Lubna Chowdhary working with her on National and International commissions. My work draws inspiration from a range of sources , Industrial and Farming Architecture where I grew up and an educational visit to Japan furthered inspired my work. The common thread being both minimalist and restrained. My ceramics are functional they have a serene and tranquil quality which are made to be used and enjoyed in everyday life.”

Stoneware White Speckled Jugs

11 cm H x 8 cm diameter

£58 each

Stoneware White Pinched Pots

approx. 7 cm H x 9 cm diameter

£22 each

Stoneware White Speckled Mugs

9 cm H x 8 cm diameter

£38 each

Various Stoneware Pieces

size range from 8 cm - 13 cm

between £37 — £55

Stoneware Speckled Bowl (assorted colours)

8 cm H x 13 cm W

£55 each

Stoneware Speckled Bowl Shape Cup

7 cm H x 9 cm diameter

£38 each

Various Stoneware (Mug, bowl cup & Jug)

size range between 7 cm - 17 cm

from £37 — £85 each

Tall Stoneware Milky White Jug (left)

17 cm H x 8 cm diameter


Selection of Stoneware (lemon & mustard)

size range between 8 cm - 17 cm

from £38 — £70 each

Stoneware Speckled Mugs (assorted colours)

9 cm H x 8 cm diameter

£38 each

Stoneware Speckled Pinched Pots

various sizes approx. 5 cm - 9 cm

between £19 — £22 each