cambridge contemporary art

Diana Ambida

Diana is a ceramicist based in London and has worked in her studio for over 10 years.  She grew up in Vancouver, British Columbia, and studied fine arts in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she completed a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts.  After her training, Diana went to Japan and Korea where she met experienced potters, learning traditional techniques of hand building, throwing and working with local materials.  

Alongside her studio practice, Diana teaches pottery to both children and adults. Her approach to teaching pottery to children is through hand building while incorporating their intuitive, playful approach to clay.  With adults she teaches techniques of hand building and throwing through projects tailored to individuals classes.  She works with students to actualise their ideas while challenging and opening up other possibilities.  

In the last few years, Diana participated in a few residencies, one in Japan and two in Spain.  While in Japan she experimented with different techniques such as nerikomi or mixing clays and mishma otherwise known as inlaying.  These traditions she has incorporated into her own studio practice.  In her studio, Diana continues to explore this nerikomi technique with clays in the UK, making functional objects and sculptural vessels. 

In Spain, the residencies focussed on perfecting and experimenting with different throwing methods through traditional Spanish forms and more recently, Diana was on an intensive course specialising in terrasigillata. 

This collection on display at Cambridge Contemporary Art draws from Diana’s residency in Japan.  She has used the nerikomi technique using stoneware clays from England.  Colours are muted and earthy, intending to compliment and enhance the food it holds.  The forms are organic.  Rough, cracked edges and the swirling of different clays refer to the process of making.  This collection is part of a longer journey in her ceramic life.  It glimpses at many other possibilities and directions. 


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