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David Carter

David Carter trained as a microbiologist but drastically changed the direction of his career in 1989 when he decided to commit himself to metalwork sculpture.

After graduating, David Carter experimented with various arts, before becoming fired by iron in 1986 and setting up his first workshop. He says: “I did not have a clue about metal-work, and decided that the best way to learn about the medium was to work in engineering, starting at the very bottom and working my way up to become a skilled industrial metal worker. I now have a large studio-forge near Wisbech. I enjoy the feeling of doing battle with the metal, using both ancient methods and the latest technology, and the robust nature of the material.”

All work is individually made by David Carter, numbered, signed and dated, usually via a stainless steel plaque fitted under the base.

The sculpture is waxed to enhance and protect the metal, allowing a natural patina to develop through time and re-waxing.  This may wear off with frequent handling etc. and so to maintain the finish, occasional (i.e. annual) re-waxing is recommended, applying new wax with a soft brush. In the case of steel, removal of the wax can result in rust spots developing, which can easily be rubbed off with a fine abrasive pad such as Scotchbrite or a fine wire brush, before the wax is applied. Very damp conditions may require more frequent attention. Cleaners and metal polishes should not be used as these remove wax and can destroy the patinas. Prolonged low burning of candles inside the verdigris brass flares should be avoided as this can result in darkening of the finish.

All painted finishes are lacquered, and they only require dry dusting with a soft brush or cleaning with a slightly damp cloth. Household cleaners and spray polishes should not be used. Non drip candles are recommended so that the lacquer is not damaged by removing overflowed candle wax.

The works illustrated below are intended to give you a taste of what the gallery has to offer, please email us on or call us on 01223 324222 to find out which pieces are currently available. Prices range from £35 - £760.

Bronze Candelabra

Bronze Candlesticks

Bronze Clocks