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Meet the artist - Vicky Oldfield

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galley jan 201810.jpg

We have started 2018 with a wonderful exhibition of Vicky Oldfield's collagraphs at the front of the gallery.

Her prints are taken from plates which have been collaged with a variety of materials, card, fabric, paper, string, sand and anything else that may come to hand; it's recycling at it's most creative! The plates are then sealed and then inked up and printed in intaglio or relief on damp paper using an etching press. The embossed textural quality of the print is unique to this method.

Thanks to the process itself, she is able to make small editions of the image, the editions are variable due to the process and her desire to experiment, which means each print is unique.

We asked Vicky some questions to find out more about her unique prints.

2012-10-12 11.02.31.jpg

How did you get started with your art career?

I went to art college back in the eighties and studied design, I got my first job as a wallpaper designer for crown wallpapers and then worked for a design studio in Paris creating patterns for wallpapers, fabrics and ceramics.  After a return to the UK I freelanced as a designer working on  a variety of design projects from textiles, wallpaper and illustration to creating makes for  craft magazines.  During this time I began printmaking for pleasure, within a few years the printmaking became my main profession.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration everywhere, it's mainly from daily moments, I try to find time to slow down and really look. I start with a drawing and as soon as I am working I find the ideas flow, it's the starting that can sometimes be a problem, if I am stuck, I get in my studio look through my piles of ideas and sketches, try not to think too much and just start and then the ideas flow.

2015-04-11 12.42.54.jpg
2015-04-11 12.42.37.jpg

How do you go about making a new piece?

After starting with drawing and getting lots of ideas and sketches together, the final composition is put together in the same way that I used to design wallpaper, it's all about the textures, pattern, colours and space.

Vicky Oldfield Portrait CMYK.jpg

What are the qualities you enjoy about the medium you work in?

I love printmaking, it's a very versatile medium, so many opportunities for mark making! and when you have the plate made there are a lot of different ways you can print a picture from the same plate,which makes it fun and exciting.  This does mean however that although my work is printed in editions there are huge variations within the editions, in some ways this is lovely as people get a unique piece, in other ways its complicated as my work is not a print in the traditional sense as an identical reproduction.

Which other artists do you admire?

 I have huge admiration for Mary Fedden, Elizabeth Blackadder, Angie Lewin, John Piper, Barbra Rae, Stephen Chambers,  Just to name a few!

galley jan 20181.jpg

Can you describe a typical working day?

 Getting outside is good for the soul, I start the day with an hour long walk in the countryside with my dog, I live just where London hits the green belt, so after a short walk along the railway track I am in the countryside, I think my walks are my main source of inspiration.  I tend to be working in my studio by 9.30, I will work all day if I am printing, with the process I use it's important to print as many as you can in one day as the prints get richer with each pull, but the actual plates start to change and can disintegrate, leaving me with only a portion of the intended edition printed.

If I am not printing, I am either preparing plates, planning artworks,  painting up the pictures , all this mixed with the admin, gallery deliveries and visits to my framer

galley jan 20180.jpg

How do you see your work evolving in the future? 

Through my artwork, I want to celebrate nature in all it’s beauty, I am planning on my walks to look to see where nature has reclaimed human spaces if only in a small way and to make works related to this. 

Come and visit the gallery to see Vicky's prints on show at cambridge contemporary art, 6 Trinity Street, CB2 1SU from 2nd - 14th January 2018. The gallery is free to enter.

galley jan 20186.jpg

Photos of the gallery by Zuza Grubecka


2017 - a year in photos

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paul smith and flora mclachlan 7.10.1722.jpg

Throughout the year the gallery has changed its skin over a dozen times. Our exhibits have shown the brightest and best from the world of contemporary ceramics, glass, painting and printmaking.  

Martin Bond PV 9.06.1715.jpg

We always strive to mould the gallery's interior to display the artwork in the most complimentary way. Our aim has always been to create an inviting environment, which allows visitors to experience the work in a relaxed and personal space. 

We were very pleased to host a number of engaging workshops and talks by many of our esteemed artists. For both us and gallery visitors, these meetings are a wonderful opportunity to get to know the artists we represent and learn about their practices. 

This year we began to live stream the events on our Instagram profile to an ever increasing audience. 

We have lots more events lined up for 2018.

Subscribe to our newsletter to find out about the latest news from the gallery.


We wish you all the best in the New Year! 


Photography by Zuza Grubecka

Future exhibitions at cambridge contemporary art

2nd - 14th January 2018

Mixed exhibition featuring Vicky Oldfield

20th January - 25th February 2018

Mixed exhibition

3rd - 25th March 2018

Emma Green

30th March to 22nd April 2018

Shazia Mahmood and Anthony Theakston

28th April to 20th May 2018

Paine Proffitt and Helen Martino

26th May to 17th June 2018

Ruth Beloe, Anne-Marie Butlin

8th to 30th September 2018

Gail Brodholt and John Duffin

Flora McLachlan in the gallery

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Last week printmaker Flora McLachlan visited the gallery. The artist brought with her a portable mini-press and showed us how she makes her smallest etchings.

We had a browse through her beautiful sketchbooks filled with watercolour paintings and learned more about Flora's fascination with fairy-tales. 

Thank you to all who attended the event and thank you to all who tuned in to our live-stream on our Instagram! 

Remember you can find us:

On Instagram: @cca_gallery

Twitter: @CCAandCCC

Facebook: CambridgeContemporaryArt

flora demo 28.10.170flora demo 28.10.jpg

Photos by Zuza Grubecka

Paul Smith in the gallery

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paul smith 7.10.173.jpg

On Saturday 7th October we had a pleasure of hosting an artist demo with sculptor Paul Smith.

Paul talked about his practice and showed us how he builds a howling wolf - one of his fairy-tale creatures. 

Thank you all for coming!

It's always an unforgettable experience to meet the person behind the artwork. Come join us for a meeting with printmaker Flora McLachlan on 28th October. Flora will be in the gallery doing a demonstration of her printmaking practice. 

The artist is bringing her sketchbooks, along with her portable print workshop, which includes a 1950s toy mangle converted into a tiny printing press. 

Flora will be making small relief printing blocks and pulling prints from them in the gallery.


Into the Forest show runs till 29th October 2017!

In the Forest – Paul Smith & Flora McLachlan - 7th-29th October

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Our autumn show at cambridge contemporary art is a forest-themed exhibition with etchings by Flora McLachlan and sculptures by Paul Smith. Their work shares a magical, dream-like quality and both artists are inspired by fables and fairytales.

Flora The first leaves, etching 24x27cm.jpeg


Paul Smith makes hand-built figurative ceramic sculptures and limited edition sculptures in bronze, iron and marble resin. His work explores the relationship between mankind and the natural world, with a special interest in encounters between humans and animals. Rather than realistic depictions, he is interested in rendering dream-like images, designed to create a feeling of peaceful co-existence between us and nature. Paul is inspired by fairytales and children’s stories, often playfully subverting or reinterpreting them.

Good evening Mr badger_web.jpg


Equally enthralled by the natural world, Flora McLachlan creates beautiful etchings and paintings of enchanted landscapes roamed by mythical creatures, infused with a sense of mystery. She tries to express a sense of lost or hidden magic, a glimpse through trees of the white hart. Etching is the ideal medium for her purpose, with its high contrast deep blacks and glowing whites creating an ethereal atmosphere. Her work is inspired by medieval English literature, myths and legends. We will have a mix of etchings, drawings, paintings and monotypes, including brand new work.


Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 17.47.12.png

The exhibition opens on 7th October and runs until 29th October. Both artists are coming to the gallery to hold demonstrations, make sure not to miss these unique opportunities to meet them and see how they create their work. On Saturday 7th October at 11 am Paul Smith will be building his howling wolf sculpture live in the gallery. On Saturday 28th October at 11am, Flora McLachlan will be holding a printmaking demonstration on her miniature mangle press. We hope to see you there! Admission is free but due to limited space in the gallery we kindly ask to register for the Paul Smith event here.

Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2018

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The planning of the hugely popular printmaking exhibition has begun. In 2014, the inaugural exhibition, the founders of Cambridge Original Printmakers, Jo Tunmer, Sue Jones and Anthony Hopkinson mission statement was 'to promote and further a knowledge and understanding of printmaking and its technical variables and complexities to a wider audience’.  They more than achieved their goal.

Once again in 2018 there will be talks by keynote speakers, alongside several workshops and demonstrations. The core team are working to improve and develop the educational aspect and hoping to introduce support for Cambridge art students.

In 2016 the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale core team enriched the event further by introducing workshops and producing an exhibition catalogue. The team also initiated the awarding of four prizes for exhibitors. 

We are proud to announce that cambridge contemporary art will be awarding one of the prizes during the Biennale exhibition. 

The Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale 2018 promises to deliver once again an outstanding event, as expected by the visitors and exhibitors. The exhibition is a unique printmaking event with workshops, demos, speakers, and awards.


Participants must live or have a working studio within a radius of 35 miles from the marketplace in a central Cambridge venue. Only hand-pulled original works printed by the artists themselves will be accepted. Digital prints, gicleé prints and photographs will not be considered.

All printmakers who submit for the Cambridge Original Biennale 2018 will be have their work viewed and selected by an independent selection panel.

The exhibition will take place at the wonderful and historic Pitt Building, Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1RP, situated on the corner of Silver Street, opposite the famous Fitzbillies café.


Working at the gallery

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We are currently not looking for a new member of staff, however, please do email us at if you are interested in working in the gallery. We will notify you about our new vacancies.

anita klein meet and greet6.jpg

When hiring a new member of staff, we look for a friendly, approachable person who will be able to give guidance to a customer looking for a particular work of art, discuss how it has been made and be able to gauge what the customer is looking for. You will need to be comfortable talking to customers about their preferences, advising them of what may be a good piece to buy and have the confidence to recommend alternatives when they aren’t sure about your choice.

You will be responsible in ensuring that you deliver excellent customer service in the gallery, on the phone and over email, alongside taking payments, wrapping purchases, and constantly monitoring and tidying the displays.

To keep the business running smoothly you will help to maintain accurate banking sheets and weekly totals as well as creating price labels, cleaning, dusting, painting walls and plinths to keep the gallery looking smart.

The exhibitions change monthly in both galleries, showing artists from all stages in their career. You may be part of the team that hangs the new exhibition and meets the artist(s) delivering their work.

We pride ourselves in promoting our artists extensively through our website and social media pages, this requires very good attention to detail to ensure that the artists gets the best possible exposure.

As the galleries are open to the public 7 days a week, you will need to be vigilant and security minded at all times.

You must be flexible with working hours, we plan the rotas one month in advance but occasionally offer hours at short notice to cover staff sickness and other eventualities which may arise in both our premises, Cambridge Contemporary Art (Trinity Street) and Cambridge Contemporary Crafts (Bene’t Street).

Please email us at if you would like us to let you know of any future vacancies.

Meet and Greet with Anita Klein

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anita klein meet and greet1.jpg

We had such an exciting week putting up the new exhibition of prints and paintings by Anita Klein! Anita opened the show with us on Saturday. We have been showing Anita's work since early 2000's and it was really nice to chat to the artist about her new printing techniques and her ever-expanding family. 


Photos by Zuza Grubecka

Anita Klein and McNeill Glass Exhibition 9th September – 1st October

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This September, we are overjoyed to have painter and printmaker Anita Klein as our featured artist. Anita has been exhibiting with us for many years and we are always looking forward to seeing her new work. This exhibition will be a mix of paintings, prints and drawings Anita has made in the past few years. Anita's work will be paired with beautiful glass pieces by McNeill Glass. The exhibition opens on 9th September and runs until 1st October.



A Winter's Tale (Hermione & Perdita)

A Winter's Tale (Hermione & Perdita)

Betty Pulls her Socks off

Betty Pulls her Socks off

Born in Australia, Anita moved to England when she was young and studied at both Chelsea School of Art and Slade School of Art, where she gained BA Hons in Fine Art and an MA in printmaking. Anita is a fellow and past president of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers (RE) and her work is featured in numerous private and public collections worldwide.

Anita is renowned for her technical sophistication, her bold use of colour, her precise compositions and her family-themed subject matter. Taking seemingly ordinary domestic moments as a starting point, Anita’s work captures the richness of the everyday, encouraging us to appreciate those fleeting moments and to find joy in the smallest things and in the people closest to us.



Our September exhibition contains some very recent work featuring Anita's grandchildren, angels and paintings Anita created in her studio in Italy which she visits regularly. Anita has been using her time there to play and experiment. Starting out by painting on canvas in Italy she then uses some of these initial paintings go on to inspire colour linocuts, lithographs and etchings. The exhibition will include examples from all stages of this process.

Dates for your diary: Anita will be in the gallery on Saturday 9th September from 2-4pm to chat to visitors about her work. She will also be holding a talk about her practice on Saturday 30th September from 2pm. Make sure not to miss these!

For those who are keen to learn more about Anita Klein's work, we thoroughly recommend the Words section on Anita Klein's website. To find out more about the technical details of handmade prints, please check our Printmaking Techniques page.

Flying Angel 2

Flying Angel 2


Tote Bags for Cambridge Street Aid

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Last winter as the temperatures dropped and we noticed more and more people sleeping rough on the streets of Cambridge, we started thinking about a way to support Cambridge Street Aid, a local charity which helps homeless or vulnerably housed people in our city to find and sustain accommodation and employment.

We came up with the idea of selling tote bags and donating the profit of every bag to Cambridge Street Aid. Our cotton tote bags are extremely useful, environmentally friendly, very sturdy and on top of that they look great! Cambridge-based illustrator Katie Harnett created 3 beautiful designs for us and we’re happy to see they have been popular.

Our bags cost £3 to produce and retail at £5, which means for every bag that is sold we can give £2 to the charity. We have been selling our tote bags since December 2016 and we’re really pleased to announce that we have recently sold out our first order of 300 bags, so we have donated £600 to Cambridge Street Aid! So here’s a heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s bought one!

Cambridge Street Aid has responded to say they are delighted and touched by your kindness. Your addition to the Street Aid fund means they have raised almost £10,000. The money has been paid out in grants that have helped to change lives, including:

Cambridge Street Aid.jpg
  • For a bicycle to help a formerly homeless man travel to a new job;
  • To pay for a suit and shoes for someone starting a round of job interviews;
  • Towards sports gear for people wishing to put an unhealthy street-based life behind them;
  • To enable someone to obtain a construction certificate so they can work on building sites;
  • For household equipment to give someone a fresh start in a new tenancy;
  • To enable someone to purchase a passport to help them visit their estranged family

Once again a huge thank you for your support! We have started selling from our second order of tote bags now and we hope to be able to make another donation in about six months’ time. We also have Cambridge Street Aid’s poster and flyers on display in the gallery with details on how to donate, so we’re hoping this has inspired some of you to make a contribution directly to this worthwhile cause. Please visit to learn more.

‘In The Window’ - A Celebratory Collection of Ceramics by Helen Martino 8th – 31st July 2017

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We are starting off our summer show with a very special exhibition of ceramics by Cambridge-based artist Helen Martino. Helen has exhibited with Cambridge Contemporary Art ever since it first opened in the 1990s. We feel honoured to have been able to work with her for so many years and see her work evolve. This July, Helen is also having her birthday, which is one of those that needs to be celebrated! To mark the occasion, Helen has created a brand new collection of work for our window display.

The idea for Helen’s new collection sprung from the act of looking back at significant moments of change within her ceramic practice, which now spans 50 years. Over the years, Helen’s making went through several stages of development, as she proceeded from creating functional thrown pots on the wheel to her present hand built ceramic sculptures. Helen began by considering these different stages of her working practice and decided to re-present them by playing with scale, materials and different methods of making.

Thinking  - Then

Thinking - Then

Sometimes I Sit and Think  - Now

Sometimes I Sit and Think - Now


Helen’s new pieces have also been strongly inspired by the way her ceramics have become objects in galleries and other people’s homes. Placed on windowsills or in glass cabinets, where they can be seen from two or even three sides, she finds that they take on a new identity and autonomy. It is as if they have become still lifes, or pictures in their different settings. Exploring the themes of windows and picture frames, this new collection, aptly titled ‘In the Window’, plays with the idea of how one sees three dimensional pieces – within or without the frame.

Dancing Bottles  - Then

Dancing Bottles - Then

Dancing Bottle  - Now

Dancing Bottle - Now


Helen has thoroughly enjoyed this chance to look back, review and renew. The result is absolutely not to be missed, so please visit us this month to see Helen’s stunning new pieces! We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 6pm and Sunday and Bank Holidays from 11am to 5pm. Helen will also be doing a demonstration at cambridge contemporary art on Friday July 14th, 5:30-7pm.


Exhibition of photographs by Martin Bond - Preview Evening

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After a busy week of setting up the new show, we had a pleasure in hosting a private view of photographs by Martin Bond and sculptures by Paul Harvey. Due to the exceptional public interest and our relatively small gallery capacity we had allocated a specific number of people for the preview. Thank you to all who subscribed on the TicketMaster event page!

Martin Bond chatting with our favourite framer Jonathan Miles

Martin Bond chatting with our favourite framer Jonathan Miles

Evenings like this make us proud of where we are based. It is so encouraging to see Cambridge with its wonderful people who appreciate art and support local businesses gathering together in our gallery! 

It's the second time we have shown Martin's photographs in the gallery. Back in 2015, Martin exhibited his 'A Cambridge Diary' project with us for the first time. It's very interesting for us to see how Martin's relationship with photography and our city has strengthened over the last two years. 

Needless to say - it's been an emotional evening for all of us.


The exhibition runs till 2nd July. We are looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!


Photos by Zuza Grubecka

Photographs by Martin Bond and sculptures by Paul Harvey

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Photographs by Martin Bond

and sculptures by Paul Harvey

10th June - 2nd July

Next up at cambridge contemporary art is an exhibition of photographs by Martin Bond and sculptures by Paul Harvey. Following the success of Martin Bond’s photography show in 2015, we are thrilled that he will be exhibiting his work with us again in June.  


Martin Bond has lived in Cambridge all his life, and runs ‘A Cambridge Diary’, a project where he takes a photograph of Cambridge every day. The project has been running since 2010, and consists of over 2,500 photographs and counting. 

Martin’s photographs show Cambridge as a city of both the ordinary and the extraordinary, often juxtaposing mundane everyday subjects with the remarkable grandeur of Cambridge’s architecture. Frequently playing with light and reflection, Martin’s photographs capture the atmosphere of a moment unique to the place and time that they were taken.

Visit Martin Bond's page on our website for an overview of all photographs in the exhibition. Of each photograph, there are 10 editions available. They can be ordered framed or unframed. Please contact us to find out more.

Martin will be at the gallery on Saturday 10th June to meet visitors. Do pop in for a chat about his lovely work!

Paul Harvey


Exhibiting with Martin is sculptor Paul Harvey. Paul’s focus in on birds – from blackbirds, terns and kingfishers to the more exotic ones like guinea fowls and amazons. He has been sculpting since the age of ten, having been introduced to woodcarving by a primary school teacher.

He soon realised that wood is not appropriate for the features of the birds he had in mind and turned to working in bronze and marble. Taking inspiration from Art Deco, Paul simplified his designs and created a unique and bold sculpting style.

Future exhibitions at cambridge contemporary art:

If you would like to be the first to receive information about one of the artists in one of the exhibitions below, contact us and we’ll be in touch when the new work arrives.

5th July - 3rd September 2017:  Summer Show featuring work by Mani ParkesClaire Ireland, Ruth Oinn, Julie Simmonds, Laura Smith, Alice Westcott and more...

 9th September - 1st October 2017: Anita Klein and McNeill Glass

7th October - 29th October 2017: 'In the Forest' Exhibition with Flora McLachlan and Paul Smith

4th - 26th November 2017: Winter Show featuring work by Lindsay McDonagh, Alice Heaton and many more...

April 2018: Shazia Mahmood and Anthony Theakston

September 2018: Gail Brodholt and John Duffin

October 2018: Gael SellwoodMargaret Gardiner and Tiffany Scull

Thank you for all your support 

You’re helping artists to sustain their livelihood and supporting a local independent gallery.

The work you buy will be unique and original - you won’t find it elsewhere in Cambridge.

Everything is handmade by artists working in the UK.

Meet the artist - Moira Hazel

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Yesterday we had a pleasure to host a 'meet and greet' with the painter Moira Hazel. It was a perfect event to close our vibrant spring exhibition and stride into summer. 

We had a chance to ask Moira about her work, inspirations, motherhood and the art of letting go. 'Don't be precious about the work' was Moira's advice to all budding painters - 'paint, re-paint and paint again! If you are not happy with your work - burn it, there's nothing more cathartic than seeing old work bursting into flames.'

Thank you to all who tuned in to our live stream of the talk on Instagram!

Next up in cambridge contemporary art is a photographer Martin Bond and a sculptor Paul Harvey. The exhibition runs from 10th June till 2nd July. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!

Photos by Zuza Grubecka

New paintings by Moira Hazel and Dan Bennett - ​​​​​​​6th - 4th June 2017

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New paintings by Moira Hazel and Dan Bennett 6th-4th June 2017

The new exhibition at cambridge contemporary art  Photo by  Zuza Grubecka

The new exhibition at cambridge contemporary art

Photo by Zuza Grubecka

This May, we are adding a serious splash of colour to our gallery walls with an exhibition of colourful paintings and vibrant glass work by contemporary British artists.

Moira Hazel has a compulsive desire to paint, create, make marks and produce vivid and expressive work. She uses lively surface texture and intense colours. Moira loves to travel at home and abroad for inspiration. She especially enjoys the vibrant colours, light and brightness of the Mediterranean regions and she is fascinated by the fishing villages of the West Country.

On Saturday 4th June between 12pm and 2pm Moira Hazel will be in the gallery for a 'meet and greet' and to chat about her paintings. Please join the event here.


Moira Hazel    Winding road  acrylic on canvas  61x61cm

Moira Hazel

Winding road

acrylic on canvas


Moira Hazel  's work on display in the gallery  Photo by  Zuza Grubecka

Moira Hazel's work on display in the gallery

Photo by Zuza Grubecka

Moira Hazel    Red and green  acrylic on canvas  40x40cm

Moira Hazel

Red and green

acrylic on canvas


Dan Bennett's paintings are inspired by phosphenes, intricate swirling patterns that form before the inner eye, which have intrigued Dan since his childhood. By capturing these fleeting patterns in the form of plants and other organisms, Dan is expressing his belief in the oneness of life, and hinting at a glimpse of an underlying structure he thought he once saw out of the corner of his eye.

Dan Bennett    Ficus 2   acrylic  90x90cm

Dan Bennett

Ficus 2 



Dan Bennett  's work on display in the gallery  Photo by  Zuza Grubecka

Dan Bennett's work on display in the gallery

Photo by Zuza Grubecka

Dan Bennett    Roche Aux Sabots  acrylic  90x90cm

Dan Bennett

Roche Aux Sabots



Alongside the paintings, we have filled the gallery with beautiful colourful glass work by McNeill GlassVerity Pulford, Catriona MacKenzieRuth Shelley and Scott Irvine.

Meet the artist - Ian Scott Massie

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ianscottmassie 9.04.170.jpg

Another Sunday, another event! Ian Scott Massie visited the gallery to talk about his 'Places of Pilgrimage' body of work. Ian's watercolours and prints from his carefully planned trip through the country depict places previously lived in or visited by fellow travellers, poets, writers and places of personal interest. 

Thank you for tuning in to our Instagram live-stream of the event! Find us @cca_gallery for more videos and photos of the gallery. 

'Places of Pilgrimage' exhibition is on display till 1st May. 

Exhibition of prints and paintings by Ian Scott Massie

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Exhibition of prints and paintings by

Ian Scott Massie

8th April - 1st May 2017 at CCA


Next up at cambridge contemporary art is an exhibition of screenprints and watercolours by Ian Scott Massie. Ian has gone on a series of artistic pilgrimages, visiting over 75 places around Britain: sacred sites, locations where great events have happened, settings which inspired music and poetry and special places of all kinds to which people are drawn. The aim of his project was to capture the spirit of each place in his artwork.

On Sunday 9th AprilIan Scott Massie will be in the gallery from 12-2pm for a 'meet and greet' chatting about his paintings and prints. Pop into the gallery at 6 Trinity Street anytime between 12-2pm, the event is free! See our facebook event for more information.

Future exhibitions at cambridge contemporary art:

If you would like to be the first to receive information about one of the artists in one of the exhibitions below, contact us and we’ll be in touch when the new work arrives.

6th May - 29th May 2017: Moira HazelDan BennettCatriona MackenzieVerity PullfordMcNeill GlassScott Irvine and Ruth Shelley

10th June - 2nd July 2017: Martin Bond and Paul Harvey

1st July - 3rd September 2017:  Summer Show featuring work by Mani ParkesClaire Ireland, Ruth Oinn, Julie SimmondsLaura Smith, Alice Westcott and more...

 9th September - 1st October 2017: Anita Klein and McNeill Glass

7th October - 29th October 2017: 'In the Forest' Exhibition with Flora McLachlan and Paul Smith


'A Fine Line' - Closing Event

cambridge contemporary artComment

A Fine Line exhibition has come to an end. It was a pleasure to work in cooperation with Katharina Klug and curate a show with emphasis on the contemporary ceramics. To mark the end of the exhibition, we hosted the last 'meet and greet' this past Sunday. Jane Cairns, Rhian Malin, Tracey Ashman and Sue Jones were in the gallery to chat about their work and meet their Cambridge fans. 

Later in the day Rhian Malin gave a demonstration of her working practice. We finally found out how she hand-paints her beautiful withe and navy pieces. It was such a treat to have her in the gallery!

Thank you for the continuous support of our independent art gallery. We look forward to continuing to provide you with the most exciting exhibitions throughout the year and we hope that you join us for the next events!

We would like to kindly invite you to the exhibition of prints and paintings by Ian Scott Massie

Please join the event here

Photos by Zuza Grubecka.

Mother's Day

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Mother's Day


With mother’s day just around the corner, have you considered doing your gift shopping in our gallery?

We have a beautiful selection of pieces all handmade in the UK. This year, spoil your mother with something truly unique and unforgettable, whether it is a print she can cherish or ceramics she will use every day.

Below are some of our suggestions, or pop into our Trinity Street shop to see our full range.

Feel free to have a browse of our website to get a better idea of what we have to offer, simply click on these links to refine your search: CeramicsGlassPaintingsPrintsSculpture and Wood.

You can also order items by phoning us on 01223 324222.




Chris Keenan  Cloud Bud Pot  £60  ceramic         

Chris Keenan

Cloud Bud Pot






Hilke McIntyre  Apple Cake Tile  £185  ceramic   

Hilke McIntyre

Apple Cake Tile






Anita Klein  Before Sleep   linocut   £475  30cm x 40cm      

Anita Klein

Before Sleep



30cm x 40cm



Angie Lewin

Dandelion Track II

wood engraving

16 x 12.5 cm





Carry Akroyd










Mother's Day Cards


Greeting Cards

£2.50 each


Tamsin Arrowsmith Brown  Vessels  £17-£60  bone china

Tamsin Arrowsmith Brown



bone china

Helen Martino  Shy Dishy Lady £75  ceramic               

Helen Martino

Shy Dishy Lady £75







Anita Klein   linocut   Bettys Rattle ed11  £680

Anita Klein


Bettys Rattle ed11


Angie Lewin

Saltmarsh, Morston


47.5 x 30 cm


Carry Akroyd



40 x 30 cm

£220 framed, £110 unframed 





Greeting Cards

£2.50 each

Rhian Malin  Frangipani Bottle  £85  ceramic   

Rhian Malin

Frangipani Bottle




Charlotte Jones

Shore Lines Bowls

Large: £495, Small: £60








Anita Klein

Resting in a Tree







Angie Lewin

The Twisted Stem


46 x 37 cm




Carry Akroyd



30 x 30 cm

£280 framed, £210 unframed


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A Fine Line: The Printmakers

cambridge contemporary artComment

Our current exhibition, A Fine Line, not only showcases an exceptional collection of contemporary ceramicists curated by Katherina Klug, but also features work by three outstanding print makers.

Tracey Ashman and Sue Jones will join us on the 2nd of April for our second meet and greet.

Sue Jones 

Paul Edwards 

Tracey Ashman 

Tracey Ashman

Tracey Ashman has been a printmaker for the past decade, developing a passion for the exacting and challenging processes involved in creating mono-prints, silkscreens and linocuts.

Her recent projects have been inspired by an abiding interest in textiles, a legacy from her mother who was a highly skilled dressmaker. Throughout her life, stitch has played an important role, particularly during periods of illness and recovery. She began to incorporate stitch into her printmaking in 2014, using the texture and form of stitch, both hand and machine, to create beautiful, unexpected marks.  A combination of machine stitched paper templates, machine stitched lace, dry point and chine colle evoke and explore memories from the artist’s life.

 ‘Anomaly, Series I’ is an exploration of a traumatic childhood memory: at the age of nine, Tracey underwent open-heart surgery in Papworth hospital. Her abiding memory of that period is the peaceful hours spent knitting with her mother whilst recovering. Photo stencils of hand-knitted wire and knitting needles were the starting point for developing and exploring imagery to visualize the healing aspect of stitch she experienced. This series of prints portrays the two-fold aspects of physical and emotional healing: a metaphor for growth and renewal, and a healing and mending of both mind and body.

New Anomaly X

silkscreen & linocut

Tracey Ashman

Tracey Ashman

Anomaly IV

silkscreen & linocut

Paul Edwards

Paul Edwards creates abstract screen prints that are dynamic, colourful, fluid and vibrant. Influenced by music, the micro world and the expansiveness of the universe, his work contains gesture marks with echoes of the contours of land and sea.

The prints are produced using paper and photo stencils, building up opaque and transparent bands of colour, sometimes scraping and washing the surface to reveal concealed layers. The crisp lines and edges, flowing curves and intense primary and complementary colours capture moments of larger worlds.

Oscillate III


Paul Edwards in his studio 

Flow VII


Sue Jones

Sue Jones is an artist, printmaker, tutor and consultant who is a founding organiser of the Cambridge Original Printmakers Biennale.

Her series Elements are photo lithographs, inspired by landscape and weather, and the constantly changing colour, atmosphere and seasons.  Everything is pared down to the basic elements and the simplest of marks.

Broken Threads are monotypes, evolving slowly over many months, layer by layer. Sue sees these works as diaries, working with and reacting to each piece like a painting. She particularly enjoys the never-ending pallet of mark making that monotype provides, and how these react with one another, sometimes with enormous contrast, sometimes with subtle sympathy. 

Broken Threads XI(ed1/1)


Sue Jones in her studio

Broken Threads VIII (ed1/1)


Paul Edwards, Tracey Ashman and Sue Jones at the opening  of 'A Fine Line'. 


A Fine Line will be on display from 11th March to 2nd April 2017 at Cambridge Contemporary Art.

Tracey Ashman and Sue Jones will join us on the 2nd of April for our second meet and greet.


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