cambridge contemporary art

Blandine Anderson

After completing her Fine Art Ceramics (BA Hons) at Exeter College of Art and Design, Blandine taught for five years at colleges in Somerset before setting up her first ceramic studio in Devon in 1988. Through a combination of skill and her unique vision of the natural world, Blandine has not only established her reputation as an artist intent on pushing creative boundaries, but has also gained an enthusiastic following for her hugely collectable one-off sculptural works.

The inspiration for most of Blandine's work begins in the forms of the landscape of her immediate surroundings in North Devon. Her works are directly affected by the colours of the changing seasons, and the scale of her sculpture captures both the broad sweep of ploughed fields and the minutiae of the hedgerows.

All of Blandine's works are unique - they cannot be repeated. No moulds or repeat methods are used in their production. Colour and texture are added using porcelain slips which are stenciled, painted and incised. Oxides and glazes are added after biscuit firing and fired again, to 1240 Centigrade. Small amounts of onglaze enamel and/or metallic lustre are added for the third firing.

The works illustrated below are intended to give you a taste of what the gallery has to offer, please email us on or call us on 01223 324222 to find out which pieces are currently available. 

Spingtime Doves


13cm x 9cm x 4cm


Lamb with Yarrow


7.5cm x 5.5cm x 3cm


Five Swallows with Greater Calendine


33cm x 25cm


Ram and Storm Clouds


12cm x 10cm x 4cm


(Left) Toad with Turnips/ (Right) Red Toad


12cm x 7.5cm / 16cm x 8.5cm

left £145 right: SOLD

Ravens with Red Trees


33cm x 27cm




12.5cm x 5cm x 3.5cm


Wood Pigeon, Wood Mushrooms, Wood Blewit


Height 29cm


Hare with Fruit Trees




Whale with Seaweed