cambridge contemporary art

Anthony Theakston

Anthony's studio is a reclaimed brick and pantile purpose built building. Originally a piggery and part of Holme Farm his commute each morning lasts about three seconds as it is situated three metres from his front door. Anthony shares this with his wife, also an artist and sculptor. Their studio looks out over the river Trent to one side and open farmland towards Laughton woods on the other.

Anthony creates a range of ceramics inspired primarily by bird form and movement. He begins his work by drawing quick sketches from nature to capture a striking form which he then refines these drawings into a design on paper, trying not to lose the initial expressive action which rough sketches can capture.

Once designed Anthony sculpts the form out of a solid block of plaster before casting it in ceramic. He feels that it is important that the work lifts the spirit and aims to make work which is beautiful to see and to touch.

Anthony studied ceramics for six years gaining both a BA and an MA degree and then lectured for five years at Camberwell College of Arts whilst establishing himself as a studio potter. He now concentrates all his energy into designing and producing his own ceramics. 


The works illustrated below are intended to give you a taste of what the gallery has to offer, please email us on or call us on 01223 324222 to find out which pieces are currently available.

Ceramic pieces by Anthony Theakston are no longer available to purchase in the gallery as the artist stopped working in that medium. 

Please see bronze pieces below. 

Little Walking Heron


13 x 13 x 4cm


Night Owl


28 x 24 x 8cm


Little Pelican


24 x 12 x 8cm


Spirit Owl


41 x 14 x 5cm




39 x 34 x 10cm


Wading Stilt


42 x 30 x 9cm


Sleeping Barn Owl


54 x 12 x 12cm