cambridge contemporary art

Vera Rosenberry

Vera Rosenberry is a watercolourist based in Grantchester. She has painted many genres, usually exploring a particular subject over a period of time, changing and developing it until she moves on to another theme. She has painted series of Norfolk and Grantchester houses, birds on chairs, cyclamen and amaryllis plants, blue and white striped fabric, and, most recently, landscapes involving hedgerows.

Always daunted by the overwhelming largeness of landscape before, Rosenberry finds the motif of a hedgerow grounds her and lets her develop interesting imaginary compositions.  At first, the hedgerows simply marched across the paper, left to right, with trees interspersed. Then she began to experiment with colour, using complementary washes on top of masking fluid shapes.  The backgrounds have become more and more elaborate hills, and the trees gnarled. The hedgerows themselves began to flow across the paper more fluidly, reminding one perhaps of musical notation, and sometimes she adds birds here and there, like musical punctuation.  

Rosenberry is also a keen amateur cellist and gardener.  She roams the countryside, walking and cycling, inspired by the beauty of the English landscape.  She has had a long career in writing and/or illustrating over thirty children's books.  

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