cambridge contemporary art

Moyra Stewart

Moyra likes to use elements of the natural world as a metaphor for the growth and change in our lives. Nature does not conform to regular shapes or straight lines, its physical shape is always affected by the forces in its environment. In Moyra’s work she explores how as human beings we can embrace those forces which change our lives.

“That inescapable collision between our interior world, and its external context, is readily resolved when I watch how the landscape is shaped by the earth's forces, and it is through my making that I transform these conflicts.”

Moyra’s latest series continues to explore the oval form, striving to achieve a sense of timeless solidity and strength, while the softer curves intimate an organic swelling. Knowing that stone also changes and is in flux fascinates Moyra.

“In my vessels I am imagining that I can speed up that very slow process and somehow show that stone is an organic living substance."

The works illustrated below are intended to give you a taste of what the gallery has to offer, please email us on or call us on 01223 324222 to find out which pieces are currently available. Prices range from £20 - £1200