cambridge contemporary art

Molly Lemon

Molly Lemon graduated from a Fine Art Degree at Winchester School of Art in 2015. Since then she has been developing her art practice and has discovered her printmaking technique of choice – wood engraving.

Living in the Cotswolds Molly is inspired by the rural landscapes and wildlife that surround her. If you look at Molly's engravings you will see the great amount of detail and care she puts into each print, she really studies the subject matter, making sure to show off the beautiful textures and shapes that can be found in the nature world.


Molly's woodblocks are created by engraving onto wood such as English box wood. She uses traditional tools to work away at the surface creating her design. She will then ink up the block and print it on her 150 year old miniature Albion press in her home studio.

Go to our Printmaking Techniques page for more information on how these prints are created

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