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Helen Roddie

Since childhood I have always had a fascination and fondness of nature and the countryside. I trained originally as a Geography teacher, taught deaf children for several years and then later studied Art and Design. I discovered an immediate affinity with printmaking and have continued to indulge in its magic ever since.

My studio practice combines a passion for plants, drawing and print. I work with vinyl-lino and the everyday, natural things that surround me. Walks with my dog across local fields give me the time to appreciate all that is bright and beautiful. Much of my inspiration comes from hedgerows - the chaotic tangle of plants they hide have a special appeal as ever-changing, living sculptures.  I love the search for the unusual and peculiar amongst the ordinary and familiar.

Through drawing I get to know each plant and the features that describe their form. In doing so, I also gain a confidence to simplify, invent and stylize all that is real. Taking the time to observe and draw helps satisfy my pursuit of detail, pattern and design. I enjoy the challenge of translating pen line to print without the distraction of colour. Using floor tiles as the printing surface, I hand cut my designs in relief. My choice of material and tools gives my work a strong, graphic quality and precision of line.

The printmaking journey allows me a freedom in which to explore and experiment, and helps open my eyes to much that is overlooked or ignored.

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Daisy Patrol


Buttercups & Daisies




Canalside Meadow


Onion Watch