cambridge contemporary art


Are you looking for unique Christmas gifts? We have lots of beautiful handmade crafts and artwork in our gallery that make perfect gifts for your loved ones. Whether you are looking for a stocking filler or a statement gift , we have something to suit every budget. We have a wide range of work available and we are receiving new deliveries at the gallery every day, so make sure to pop in regularly!

You can browse our website to get a better idea of what we have to offer across different media, simply click on these links: Ceramics, Glass, Paintings, Prints, Sculpture and Wood.

Can't find what you're looking for? You can reach us on or 01223 324222, we would be happy to help you find that perfect gift. If you find it difficult to choose, our handmade gift vouchers are an excellent choice. Also check out our sister gallery, cambridge contemporary crafts on Bene't Street.

Merry Christmas from the CCA team!



Anna Perlin

Brambles and Bluebells


Elaine Cox

Edging In


Joseph Silcott

Little Gold Dress


Emma Green

Low Tide, Dusk


Ruth Taylor

Letting Go


Anne-Marie Butlin



Deborah Burrow

Time Stands Still


Kate Jackson

Cripps Building, Cambridge


Gael Sellwood

Roses in Milk Bottle



John Duffin

London from Primrose Hill


Fiona Watson

Out of Chaos Comes Order


Kay McDonagh

Little Miss Sunshine


Caroline Rees


Aderyn £22

Sarah Duncan

1.3 Seconds


Niki Bowers

December Starlings


Vicky Oldfield

Milk Thistle


Jenny Seddon

Great Tit


Paul Catherall

Gherkin II


Katherine Bowdler



Julia Ogden

Kingfisher and Moon



Timea Sido

Tangled Web Tea Light Holders

£15 Each

Lara Scobie

Lime Bowl £220

Circle Bowl £220

Katie Pruden

Medium Spiky Pebble Pot


Bev Milward

Figure with Heart £32

Figure with Moon £32

Couple with Art Deco Base £85

Helen Russell

Ice Cube Penguin


Gizella K Warburton

Ritual Form viii


Jill Shaddock

Slash Cut Vase


Katie Pruden

Medium Spiky Pebble Pot £70

Medium Smooth Pebble Pot £66

Small Smooth Pebble Pot £44

Jane Hollidge

Purple and Red Pinch Pot


Emma Birts

Bear and Heart


Timea Sido

Scented Candle Orange Clove & Cinnamon - Vanilla - Violet & Sweet Pea

£25 Each

Sarah Went

Green Grass Butter Dish


Katie Timson

Small Bud Vase House Sparrow


Gwen Vaughan



Saya McNairn-Yanagi

Small Red Snowlfake Decoration £10

Big Dark Blue Snowflake Decoration £10

Green Tree Decoration £10


Juliette Bigley

Salt and Pepper Split Bowls


Paul Smith



Clive Maddison

Wire Tree


Ruth Molloy

Hare Tea Light


David Meredith

Mouse in Conker


Paul Smith

Moonlight Hare



Natalie Aird

Wireball Stars

£14 Each

Siobhan Jones

Santa Face Decoration


Verity Pulford

Dark Forest Mirror


Siobhan Jones

Penguin Decoration


Siobhan Jones

Rudolph Decoration




Kevan Hopson