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Angela Harding

The flora and fauna of the British countryside is the recurring inspiration for Angela's work. Her studio looks out over the Rutland landscape; the view is of sheep fields and English farmland, which are often represented, along with the theme of British birds in her work.

Angela has always loved birds, not as a twitcher, but for their poetic form, shape, colour and atmosphere of place. Gulls of St Ives, summer blackbirds or the haunting sound of Curlews across the salt marshes of Norfolk are often the starting point for new paintings. Birds have been represented in Angela's work for the last 25 years and it seems rather fitting that she has ended up living in a small Rutland village called Wing. It was Thomas Hardy who referred to birds as persistent intermits - moments of nature in all its many forms that can be experienced in a very personal way that can happen through listening to bird’s song. These moments can be just as powerful whether on a wild moor or watching a chirping bunch of sparrows in a city park. Angela spends time with her partner, Mark, in Norfolk, as well as Cornwall and her local landscape of Rutland– so these places become a backdrop for her paintings and prints.

Colour is also an inspiration for Angela's work, the soft green, greys and blues of the landscape or vibrant reds and oranges of autumn are a backdrop used in her paintings and prints. The work she produces is not a literal portrait but an attempt to capture a distinct mood and atmosphere of animals, birds and landscape. The work has an allegorical aspect that has reference to British painting of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, especially the work of artist such as Eric Ravillious, David Jones and Winifred Nicolson, and as well as contemporary artists such as Mary Fedden and the Scottish colourists.

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Blackbird Stealing Redcurrants

linocut and silkscreen print

Summer Foxes at Marske Hall

linocut and silkscreen print

Orford Hares

linocut and silkscreen print